Save food, money, environment.

As a member of SaveMunch family, get a huge discount on fresh and surplus groceries, bakeries food as well as restaurant food approaching their best before date from your own neighborhood across the United States.

“Use By”

dates indicate food that is perishable and must be eaten before the date.

“Best Before”

date means food could be eaten even after the date on the packaging but it may not be at its best quality.

Do You Know What Impact You Are Making?


More than 133 billion pounds of food goes to waste every year in America.


31% of food loss is at retail and consumer levels.

Fight Against Hunger

1 in 6 Americans faces hunger.  So, let’s support each other.

Average Waste

An average American wastes more food than his/her own body weight each year. (About 220 pounds of food per person)


According to USDA report, 30-40% of food supply go to waste in the US


More than $165 billion worth of food goes to waste every year.

How We Work

Cutting food waste is a delicious way of saving money, helping to feed the world and protect the planet


Search Up

Lookup for food items through our search bar in your neighborhood.


Pay Online

Select your favorite SaveMunch food, make an online payment, and choose your pickup time.


Food Pickup

Select your favorite SaveMunch food, make an online payment, and choose your pickup time.


SaveMunch Family

Congratulations, you impacted our environment and contributed in food waste reduction. You can track your impact through SaveMunch App.

Where our Waste Comes from?

There are many facets to the root of food waste. It starts in households and restaurants, followed by grocery stores, food service companies, and farms and manufacturers, where a lot of food is produced.


America’s homes account for 43 percent of food waste, making them the biggest contributor.

Food Service Companies

40 percent of food waste is generated by food service companies such as hotels, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Farms & Manufacturers

Farms contributes 16 percent of the total food waste, while the manufacturing sector contributes 2 percent. The cause of these wastes is overproduction of food.

Awesome Features

You will be doing wonders to the environment while saving food and money

Positive influence

You can be a change-maker while purchasing your meal.

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Easy to use and Navigate.


Get your ‘SaveMunch food’ from your neighborhood.


Track your individual environmental impact.


Support your local business.


An average U.S household of four would have saved an estimated $1600 a year.

App Screenshots

An overview of our app designed to help reduce food waste and CO2 emissions.