About Us

Shiva Sah

Shiva Sah is the visionary founder behind SaveMunch, a revolutionary food save platform. Recognizing the alarming rise in food waste, Shiva Sah established SaveMunch in New York to provide a sustainable solution for businesses and consumers. Driven by a passion for reducing food waste, Shiva Sah onboarded numerous food businesses, using innovative in-person marketing strategies. Today, he continues to lead SaveMunch, ensuring its growth and impact. Shiva Sah’s visionary approach and entrepreneurial spirit have shaped SaveMunch into a go-to platform for businesses and socially conscious consumers. His commitment to reducing food waste remains unwavering, making quality food more accessible to all. With Shiva Sah at the helm, SaveMunch continues to innovate and evolve, empowering businesses and consumers to create a greener, more inclusive future.